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As a department our primary role is the support of researchers in their data collection activities and the subsequent management of that data.

We offer support at the following stages in a research project:

Before data collection starts

  • CRF Review
    • This is done by the Data Managers with oversight by the SDSM
  • eCRF Review
    • Done by the Data officers and Data Managers with oversight and supervision by the Data Managers.
  • Data handling protocol

During data collection

  • CRF Review
    • Data processing - handled by study team or data officers for paper based systems. For tablets, data is sent to the server by the study team.
    • Query management - handled by data managers
    • Data access - Through our data browser systems
    • Routine reporting - Handled by the data managers
    • Data backup* handled by IT department

After data collection ends

    • Data cleaning - Lead by the data managers with assistance from the data officers and the study team.
    • Data archiving & curation - Handled by the Archivist.