TeleForm is a data capture system designed to reduce data entry and manual processes associated with paper based forms projects. The software offers unrivalled flexibility in capturing handwritten data from paper and seamlessly incorporate the data output into MLW back-end database.

Through the scan and verification interface, forms are classified, recognized, verified and transferred into reliable and accurate data records in the MLW back-end database from which researchers and analysts get data for their analysis.

We chose Teleform mainly for the efficiency in data processing. Compared to manual data entry, Teleform allows us to complete data processing much faster and with a lot less errors.

Easily and rapidly acquire information from paper into any ODBC database and increase productivity through reduction of manual key entry as TeleForm automatically reads hand print, machine print, optical marks and barcodes.

  • The work-flow for Teleform is as follows:
    • The final version of a project's CRF is used to build a Teleform template.
      • Field level checks, as specified by the researcher, are built in to this template to aid in validating data as it is processed.
    • Forms are printed, given to the field / clinic team for data collection
    • Completed forms are returned to the data department for processing.
    • Returned forms are scanned, verified and finally the data is "committed" to the project's database.
    • Researchers access their data using either the MLW Data Browser or by making direct data extracts using their statistical tool of choice.


    In order to properly create and thoroughly test your CRF in Teleform we need x days to work on it. This is x days from you providing us with the final version of your CRF.
    We can deliver a CRF faster if you were to make use of our standard CRF and questions. These have been thoroughly tested and we would just "drop" them into your CRF template.


  • The costs for using Teleform for your data collection effort are broken down as follows:
    • £x1 p.a. for projects with a budget of £ y1 - z1
    • £x2 p.a. for projects with a budget of £ y2 - z2
    • £x3 p.a. for projects with a budget of £ y3 - z3
  • The cost covers the following:
    • Licence contribution
    • CRF Design
    • Data entry: scanning, verification.
    • Data management: query management, cleaning, reporting, etc
    • Data archiving: Paper and electronic
    *Discuss costing model with PC,SP and DMSC